Chennai, 0ct 4: Travel has no limits when it comes to our inquisitive minds that keep on pondering for new destinations. The media channels weren’t an exception on this evening as the journalists were so curious about the spearheading concept of VOYAGE EXPO 2012 and so was the guest of honour – Music Director-turned- Actor Vijay Anthony.
The ace musician flying across seventh heaven with the grand success of his onscreen maiden debut ‘Naan’ graced over the occasion and greeted Mr. J Selvakumar, President of INDO-MALAYSIA Tamil Chamber of Commerce for making an innovative effort in the travel panorama.
Addressing the media channels, J Selva Kumar said, “The Voyage Expo 2012 is a platform for different types of exposure that include pilgrimage, medical, educational and honeymoon package. This is the first time, the concept of CRUISE has been included. The main motto of this Voyage Expo is to break the blind perception that only rich people can afford to fly across abroad countries. This will offer the people of all social strata to choose their travel destinations and can book their tickets before nine months. Till now, there have been unknown privileges that Railways (IRCTC) is offering the travellers across the Country that include Luxurious Coaches with red-carpet service and so for the bus services like OLIVIA that has the same hospitality service as in international flights. Moreover, this is the first time an EXPO gives an opportunity for the visitors to get the passports, VISA and book tickets under the same roof.”
The entry fee for a visitor is Rs. 20 and from next year, the EXPO will be held across many cities in Tamil Nadu. Vijay Anthony on his turn congratulated the efforts of INDO-MALAYSIAN Chamber of Commerce and expressed his wish to take part in this Expo and enjoy the packages to enjoy in their holiday destinations.
One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things…. Going by the words of the most acclaimed writer Henry Miller, the travelers always find an immense pleasure experiencing the world’s most precious gift to mankind – Nature. Well, a famous quote says, a person who doesn’t travel much doesn’t know the value of world. To bind you emotionally with the nature, here’s a boon to Chennaites pondering to explore the unknown paradisiacal lands of the planet.
Voyage Expo 2012 – Domestic and International Tourism Exhibition on October 19, 20 & 21at Valluvarkottam, Chennai will be a hub of converging lanes of world’s most famous Travel Specialists, Tour Operators and National Tourism Organizations to exhibit the popular and only one of its kind travel destinations. The three-day exhibition will have the showcasing of various tour plans that will keep the target audiences engaged and plan their trip in an effective way, thereby increasing the product visibility and strengthen the brand position in the market.
Get yourselves engrossed with unlimited infotainment on the world’s best holiday destinations. The expo will provide an exclusive range of options for the travelers to hop onto their favourite places, cruises, cultures and adrenaline rush adventures.
Don’t presume this to be an extravagant affair for the trip advisors will offer you the best travel packages. Not to miss the concessional air tickets to fly over the foreign and domestic sectors catering to the needs of all classes.
The expo event will be in grandeur as it involves the participation of various Government and Private Institutions that include – India’s top-charting flight corporate companies of Luxury Bus services, Luxury train, Flights, etc….
There’s something special about the flight agents, but this will be a spearheading attempt from the flight companies to provide tickets directly to the travelers including domestic and international flights at a lower cost.
The expo will have the stalls installed by State Government Tourism Departments, International tourism departments from countries of various continents, luxurious hotels, amusement parks and beach resort to offer the most lavish holiday experience. The queue doesn’t end here as the travelers will have more and more exclusive privilege of availing health spas, village resorts and money exchange process, easy way to get your VISA cards.
For The first time in India, the expo will provide a great opportunity for the lay persons to apply for passports. For the religious and pious personalities, get yourselves ready for pilgrimage tourism while the aspiring pillars of tomorrow’s India can gain an advantage with Educational tourism. The newlywed couples can now rejoice with honeymoon tourism and not to miss the most efficient doctors as they can avail Medical tourism.
The visitors for this Expo will be the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Social Organizations, Bank Staffs Union, IT Parkstaffs, Automobile manufacturing staffs, State and Central Government staffs and public people that will run into a monstrous figure of 1 Lakh numbers for the 3-day expo.
The first day will have high-profiled individuals from Government hubs making their presence followed by sports personalities on second day with a grand final day by Film Celebrities. An additional attraction will be the complete details on foreign exchange, bank loans, Visa and other information pertaining to the travel. For more details, log on to