Health and wellbeing deliberately constitute the substantial importance over every phase of human life influencing longer life expectancy, aging population and changing lifestyles. As you are aware, there is an old proverb that "Doctor is the second God on this Earth". Most people have fear of death, fear of unknown, fear of loss and fear of disability. Whenever there is an unknown fear they think of the God. A Medical Doctor is also remembered whenever there is a health crisis. A trained qualified medical doctor who has his understanding based on the mind, body and soul has nearly the same characteristics. He overcomes miseries, mystifies his presence as soon as he touches the patient, gives immediate relief which starts at the time he gives a healing touch to the patient, his decision often is considered final and whose decisions are almost predictable to perfection. World Tamil Chamber of Commerce (WTCC) is planning to organize ‘MEDICAL EXCELLENCE AWARD’ function on Doctors’ day, July 1, 2017. Medical Stalwarts including Retired Vice Chancellors, Deans, Professors and Eminent Educationalists who have excelled in their field of Medicine would be the Juries of the Panel. Besides Doctors, Medical Awareness Programs, Best hospitals on various specialized medical sectors providing their expertise, infrastructure with modern equipment and quality services to the local and international community at economically affordable expenses with warm hospitality & more would be awarded in this event.

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