‘INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION FAIR’ Grandeur Inauguration World Tamil Chamber of Commerce WTCC inaugurated the ‘International Education Fair’ today (28/05/2016) in a grand manner at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam. The event had dignitaries from various fields, some of the dignitaries included President of WTCC Mr. Selvakumar, who organized this grand event for welfare of the students along with Mr. Ahmad Fajarazam, Consul General of Malaysia, Chennai, Mr. M.B.Nirmal, Chairman -Exnora, Prof. CMK Reddy, Mr.Gopinath, while chief educationalist included Prof. M.Ravichandran, AIMST University, Prof Dr. Nagarajah Lee, Mr.R.Boominathan, Mr.V.N.Sakthi Durairaj. They spoke more about life skills and enriched students with great knowledge. Gratitude preface has done by Mr.John Dhanraj, the Moderator,WTCC. Many indian and international universities participated in the grand event some of them included Vels University, Chennai Amrita, Karunya University, Jaya Engineering, Vinayaka Mission University (Malaysia) , TOC (Malaysia), PSB Academy (Singapore), RSNV, AIMST (Malaysia). The event focused not only on studies but also on life skills. The event was witnessed by parents and students who flooded to take up scholarship exams. Mr. Selvakumar, the organizer said the scholarship test results are in process and would be announced on the final day, 29th May.