Medical Fair is nothing new to us as we have already turned the spotlights on with a stupendous show of MEDIFAIR held last year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Y.B.Senator Dato Syed Ibrahim Bin Kadir, President-Kongres Indian Muslim –Malaysia & Dr. Haji. Mohammed Suibu Bin Mohamed Yusoof, President- Malaysian Muslim Money Changers Association inaugurated the fair along with Mr.Selvakumar, organizer of MEDIFAIR. The medical fair presented the best opportunities for visitors to know the detailed information on numerous different latest technological treatments available, hospitals and their vitae on the different medical treatments offered with all facilities. Significantly, the economical medical treatments drawn with less preferable expenses covering the entire needs from travel, destination and duration at one roof with great quality and caring services worth mentioned for Malaysian people in it. Leading hospitals of Apollo, Fortis, Global participated in Medifair.