‘World Tamil Chamber of Commerce’ is launched by His Excellency in World Tamllar Festival on 10th January 2015 GOVERNOR SPEECH IN WORLD TAMILAR FESTIVAL I am immensely pleased to inaugurate the auspicious World Tamil Day when I am at the helm. Heaping praise on Selvakumar and his team members for coordinating the event, said that it is a matter of pride for Tamil Nadu, seen as the home of worldwide Tamils, to showcase the culture of Tamils. Though Tamilians live in all parts of the world, it is only when they follow the traditional ways, cultures and morals of Tamils that an organized society could be formed. Researches say that there are around 6,000 languages in the world but only 2,800 has been referred as the cream, with a good number of 600 languages as the Indian. There are a few languages spoken only by handfuls and a few others faced with the threat of vanishing. The pleasing aspect is in out of the 2800 world languages; Tamil and Sanskrit find a place among the top six. Language could be seen as a vehicle to transport the cultures but sometimes silence is golden too, easily the best way to send in a message. Languages have various hues, some of which has letters with no speeches and the other way around too. Reports say that there is a separate language for women in Japan! The knowledgeables aver that languages date back to 8000 years before with no mention about Tamil regarding its origin. Tamil is not just an ancestral language but a base for other prominent languages. That many Tamil words are found in various world languages is a pointer of the youthful richness of Tamil language. Tamil is being spoken in maximum countries and it is a matter of pride that Tamils live in 166 countries. But a said thing is in Tamil being spoken in only 100 countries with the disturbing trend of Tamilians not conversing in their mother tongue. Irrespective of the social status, when Tamilians speak in their language, the bond intensifies. English may be a sought after language and one would do well to remember that a country like Japan has progressed only by teaching in its mother tongue. We should have the belief that Tamil language will go beyond all barriers to reach the pinnacle, underlined by literary great George Bernard Shah that without the base of mother language one cannot reach the pinnacle. Let us believe that Tamil is the medium which will act as a catalyst to unite all irrespective of caste, creed, religion or economical status.